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Consumers’ Brave New World of Health Insurance in 2014

In the 2010s, consumers have adapted to many fast-changing aspects of life, quickly moving from cell phones to smartphones and from DVRs to binge-watching movies via video streams on tablets. But one aspect of American life that’s changing fast where consumers are still playing catch-up is with new forms of health insurance.

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Tax Refunds Present Opportunity to Help Americans Meet their Financial Goals

With many families only one unexpected car repair, illness or job loss away from exhausting any savings they may have, tax time presents a unique opportunity for Americans to jump start their savings. This research report provides a closer look at consumers savings habits and how tax refunds represent an opportunity to help them meet their financial goals.

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The Impact of Tax Refunds on Average U.S. Families

The nation’s taxpayers will receive an estimated $230 billion in federal tax refunds this year, fueling the U.S. economy and delivering a significant financial windfall to the average American household. This research report provides a closer look on the impact of tax refunds on average U.S. families.